Provide your information and we will reach out with payment options.
If we are full for the season, we will let you know and ad you to the waitlist.

Consider paying less if you(r):
Will experience hardship paying the full price
Have kids or other dependents
Have no savings
Have significant debt relative to your income
Have missed work due to physical or mental health
Family has little or no assets
Have medical expenses not covered by insurance
Are an unpaid community organizer
Have immigration related expenses
Are an elder on limited income
Have been denied work due to incarceration history
Use government assistance programs
Identity has affected your income or education
Have limited access to transportation

Consider paying more if you(r):
Travel recreationally
Own a home
Own or lease a car
Have a stable career and expect your income to increase
Debt does not hinder you from attaining basic needs
Go out for coffee, meals, drinks weekly or more
Have investments, retirement, or inheritance
Have access to family income/support in times of need
Have the education and opportunities earn more than you do but chose to work less

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**If you're signing up for Seattle pick-up, please share what neighborhoods would provide convenient pick-up for you.**
**If you're interested in hosting a Seattle neighborhood pick-up stop let us know!**