The community supported agriculture (CSA) model gained traction in the 1970s with black horticulturalist, regenerative agriculture pioneer and small farm advocate, Booker T. Whatley. By paying up front for farm products received throughout the season, CSA members are investing in the farm and helping to cover the costs of seeds and other inputs when income is lean. It is an honor to continue the CSA model, and other practices championed by Whatley at Root Digger.

2024 Fresh Herb CSA 

This CSA is designed to be approachable for the herbal curious while providing new experiences for more seasoned herbalists with vibrant herbs picked fresh from the farm. You will experience live herbs with all your senses - the structure, aroma, textures, and energetics of living herbs. Many can be propagated as cuttings or root crowns. Members receive one share per month for 6 months (May - October). Shares will be delivered to a neighborhood location for pick up (in Seattle, Tacoma, or Olympia). Each share includes 3 to 5 varieties and includes informative herbal profiles and recipes from a broad cohort of herbalist. You will receive more than 24 of our favorite varieties throughout the season. Herb quantities vary by variety but you can expect 1/4 to 1/2 pound for flowers, and 1/2 to 1 pound for tops and roots. For perspective, it takes about 5 oz of fresh herb to fill a pint mason jar for a 2:1 tincture.

A June share might look like:

1/2 lb Calendula

1 lb Milky Oats

1/2 lb Skullcap

1/2 lb Anise Hyssop

Alternative shares

Are you interested in participating but don't have space to process this much medicine? We are offering a share that combines a half-share of fresh herbs supplemented with finished herbal apothecary goods crafted by Rosa Visser of Hildegard Ferments and Botanicals (link below). She crafts these goods using botanicals she grows and collects herself or sources from local growers. 

Hildegard Blessings

Root Digger is partnering with Hildegard Ferments & Botanicals to bring CSA members classes, discounts, and special offers throughout the season. Their collection of apothecary goods and place-based, botanical brews will be available for pre-order and pickup with CSA shares.  

Live Herb Chat

We are excited to soft launch a casual monthly video chat to discuss the herbs offered each month. The timing and content of this offer will be informed by what participants are needing but expect will likely come on Friday or Saturday of delivery week. Disclaimer: this is offered tentatively and without increasing the cost of the CSA with the understanding that we may not have time or energy to host every month. 


Pick Up

Shares will be available for pick up during the second weekend of each month May-Oct.

  • Seattle: 2nd Fridays* in Fremont (12pm-730pm)
  • Tacoma: 2nd Fridays* location TBD (time TBD)
  • Olympia: 2nd Saturdays at the West Central Park Farmer's Market (10am-3pm)

                    *except the June 7th pick up, which is a 1st Friday

Sliding Scale

To increase accessibility this CSA is offered on a sliding scale ($210-$390). We invite you to use your income as a starting point and then evaluate other circumstances affecting you access to resources to navigate to a place on the scale that feels right for you. If you're a higher income earner, paying what you can ensures that we can continue to offer affordable participation to all. Thanks to Hadassah Damien for providing a helpful discussion of this topic.

Consider paying less if you(r):
Will experience hardship paying the full price
Have kids or other dependents
Have no savings
Have significant debt relative to your income
Have missed work due to physical or mental health
Family has little or no assets
Have medical expenses not covered by insurance
Are an unpaid community organizer
Have immigration related expenses
Are an elder on limited income
Have been denied work due to incarceration history
Use government assistance programs
Identity has affected your income or education
Have limited access to transportation

Consider paying more if you(r):
Travel recreationally
Own a home
Own or lease a car
Have a stable career and expect your income to increase
Debt does not hinder you from attaining basic needs
Go out for coffee, meals, drinks weekly or more
Have investments, retirement, or inheritance
Have access to family income/support in times of need
Have the education and opportunities earn more than you do but chose to work less

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