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Root Digger Herb Farm

Black Cottonwood Oil Roller

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Black Cottonwood (Poplus trichocarpa) buds are collected from windfall branches collected in late winter. They are sticky with a prized aromatic and protective resin that smells of amber, balsam, and propolis. This is indeed one of the trees honey bees will collect resin from to seal their hives from draughts and invaders as well as to ward off microbial disease. 

We infuse them in cold pressed unrefined Meadowfoam oil using gentle heat. Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) is also a Pacific Northwest native and produces an ordorless, light colored oil that is readily absorbed by human skin and with an exceptional shelf life. It has a non greasy feel and really shows off the aroma of infused botanicals.

The infused oil is a go-to all-purpose topical that protects the surface while bringing gentle warmth and blood flow below. Bruises, bumps, burns. Scrapes, sprains, strains and sore muscles. Cottonwood may not be the exemplar in any specific case, but its utility is in its versatility towards all sorts of bodily injury and aches. We especially like cottonwood for 'stuck' chronic injuries and muscle knots . Additionally, this tree smells so incredible, our friends of all genders anoint their bodies with it to enjoy the homey and calming scent.

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**This species contains salicylic acid, which is the basis for the analgesic Aspirin - if you're allergic to the drug you may have a reaction to Cottonwood.