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Root Digger Herb Farm

Red Alder Oil Roller

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Red Alder (Alnus rubra) buds, flowers and unopened catkins are collected from windfall branches collected in late winter. They are similar to Black Cottonwood buds in that they are covered with aromatic resin, though they are much smaller and have their own uniquely alluring scent.

We infuse them in cold pressed unrefined Meadowfoam oil using gentle heat. Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) is also a Pacific Northwest native and produces an ordorless, light colored oil that is readily absorbed by human skin and with an exceptional shelf life. It has a non greasy feel and really shows off the aroma of infused botanicals.

This infused oil shares many of the same applications as Cottonwood oil. It protects the surface while cooling and acting on the lymphatic fluid (rather than the warmth and blood flow of Cottonwood). Bruises, bumps, burns. Scrapes, sprains, strains. Alder can be used in all cases but really shines where there is excess heat, inflammation, acute injury, or a need for tissue regeneration. Alder does not disappoint with the aromatics, delivering a bright, elevating scent with hints of rose, black tea, and fruits ranging from berries to lemon.

**This species contains salicylic acid, which is the basis for the analgesic Aspirin - if you're allergic to the drug you may have a reaction to Alder.