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Root Digger Herb Farm

Tulsi, Kapoor (FRESH)

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Fresh and undried.

Hand harvested Temperate Tulsi (Occimum africanum) leaf and flowers. Also known as "Rama Tulsi", and "Holy Basil". Previously classified as Occimum sanctum.

Known in India the Queen of Herbs, this is truly a divine ally and one that brings calm and uplifting mood. She's also one of the tastiest herbs we grow on the farm with essential oils that give aroma and flavors of citrus, spice, licorice, and even bubblegum.

All fresh herbs are available picked up from the farm by appointment or from the West Central Farmer's Market on the third Saturday of the month. Please provide your phone number to verify and coordinate local pick-up or delivery. Our Milky Oats and roots are also available shipped.